Chewing Gum Drug Delivery Systems

Chewing gum drug delivery systems have been used for a number of applications: fluoride or carbamide chewing gums for dental health, dimenhydrinate for motion sickness, ascorbic acid in vitamin/mineral supplement, and in particular nicotine chewing gum for smoking reduction and smoking cessation.

But the delivery format can be used for several other indications such as minor pain, nausea, dyspepsia, cough and cold therapy, allergy, anxiety, treatment with nutraceuticals etc. Applied in order to improve either efficacy, convenience or both.

Reasons for choosing chewing gum as a drug delivery system could be:

  • Extended, local drug delivery in oral cavity, throat or stomach
  • Buccal absorption with fast, systemic onset of action
  • Good stability conditions
  • High acceptance in children and patients with swallowing difficulties
  • Discrete and easy self-administration for the patient

Most molecules can be released from chewing gum delivery systems. At Alkalon we offer to test your product in a medicated chewing gum formulation by preparing prototypes and a technical report which will give you valuable information on properties, release and stability of your drug substance in a medicated chewing gum formulation.