Who we are

Alkalon developes and supplies medical chewing gum including competitive chewing gum to brands around the world.

Great taste

Our team of experts has created a range of new flavours of which just a few have been carefully selected to undergo full development.

Crunchy coating

We coat our products with maltitol, which gives our gums a crunchier outside than the xylitol coatings on existing products.

Same release profile as Nicorette®

Our products release nicotine at the same rate as the reference product, Nicorette®. We use a modified buffering system which provides the required buccal absorption of nicotine but reduces the acrid taste of normal buffer systems.

Nicotine chewing gum


Alkalon offers a range of finished product formulations and is seeking partnership opportunities worldwide

OTC product with large growth potential


Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is in the top-7 of OTC categories.

High growth rates, low competition and governmental anti-smoking campaigns have made nicotine gums one of the most sold OTC products in North-European countries.



The company was founded in Denmark in 2007. Our mission is to develop top quality generic nicotine gums.


Alkalon signed the first license and supply agreement with a large Pharma company. 


The company finalized formulation development and scale-up of its first products.


Alkalon filed for European approval and started offering contract research and product development services to the pharmaceutical industry.


First launched by the Scandinavian partner Orifarm under the Nicovel® name Alkalon’s products reached the market in a number of European countries.


Alkalon merge with Revolymer and gain access to the North American market



Alkalon has nicotine gum dossiers available for in-licensing and offers to supply the finished products packed and ready for sale.

We have MAs available for a number of European countries and the registration is ongoing in several territories outside of Europe.

Experiencing side effects?

Do you have questions regarding the use of our medicinal products, or do you want to report a side effect?

Please fill out the form on this link, or you can contact us 24/7 on Phone +45 38 86 84 82


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