Report a side effect

If you or the person you are reporting on behalf of are currently suffering from severe side effects, you should contact your local doctor or other medical health professional before reporting the side effect.

All medicines have potential side effects as well as benefits. 

We routinely monitor the safety and quality of all our products. 

This includes review of safety data from and review of side effects and 
by monitoring quality and safety information on our products, we can take due and appropriate actions to safeguard patient safety.

About side effects reporting

Why you should report side effects

In case of a severe side effect taking place, seek immediate help from your local hospital or healthcare professional!

If you have experienced a side effect to a Alkalon A/S product,
we encourage you to also report this to Alkalon A/S

Reporter information

What information to provide. When reporting side effects please provide the following information if possible:

Product details

Side effect details

Your privacy when reporting

We register reported product complaints and side effects 

For the sake of patients safety and also to comply with legislations. Your personal data will be entered and kept in the Alkalon A/S global safety database and will be treated confidentially.

We report product complaints and side effects to Health Authorities in accordance with legislation.

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